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Annie Riggs Memorial Museum
301 S Main St
Fort Stockton, TX 79735

Phone: (432) 336-2167

Riggs Hotel Rules

1 Guest without baggage must pay in advanced.


2 No account carried longer then one week.


3 All boisterous and prophane language strictly forbidden.


4 All drinking or gambling in rooms strictly forbidden.


5 Please do not spit or throw ashes or matches on the floor.


6 Guests wishing early calls must notify the clerk before retiring.


7 And Damage to furniture, other than ordinary  wear, will be charged to occupants of rooms.


8 Guests must refrain from all singing or loud talking oafter reasonable hours for retiring.


9 Persons engaging rooms will be charged for same from time rooms are placed at their disposal whether occupied or not.


10 Please extinguish lights on leaving rooms or retiring. Extra charge for burning lights unnecessarily.


11 It is expected that parents will exercise proper care over children and not allow them to make a playgound of halls and parlors.


12 Money, jewels and valuables must be left with cerk in office, other wise proprietor will not pe responsible for any loss. 





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