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FORT STOCKTON, Texas -- Born in 1858 in New Mexico Annie Riggs moved with her family to Fort Stockton sometime after the end of the Civil War. Her first marriage, at age 19, lasted a little over ten years and bore six children. In 1891, Annie married her second husband Barney Kemp Riggs, a man considered by many to be an outlaw. Sentenced for murder in Arizona and imprisoned in the Yuma penitentiary, Riggs received a pardon from the governor for saving the prison warden’s life during a riot. Riggs and Annie had four children of their own and a marriage that lasted about a decade. Riggs was shot during an argument between Riggs and Annie’s son-in-law from her first marriage. Annie sat with her ex-husband in a room at the present day Annie Riggs Museum (then known as the Koehler Hotel) until he died the next day. Without a will Riggs estate was awarded to Annie and, with the assets, she purchased the Koehler Hotel for $ 5,000. 

The video below is a song written about Annie Riggs

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